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Durojaiye Sofiu Shola is an educator by training an by profession, a Graduate of Educational Technology form one of the most reputable Universities in Nigeria, University of Ilorin.

Proud to be a Teacher, a Father, a Husband and a Farmer.

The main aim and objective of creating this platform is to finding a lasting solution to the increasing prevalence of educational disadvantage areas around Africa.

Education is a key to so many closed doors in Africa, yet our children don't have access to it, and some that do, can not get a quality Education. This is making the difference between them and the non educated ones marginal.

The best one can do is to try to give a quality education to as many as possible from amongst the deprived children.

The prophet (SAW) said enquiring for knowledge is compulsory over Muslims. This is to tell us how important education is to mankind.

Educational Charity is our main Agenda as we all know Islam as a religion that calls out to it followers to reach out with opened hands, and give charity as a way of life.


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Our survey team went round some selected areas in the six Geopolitical zones in Nigeria to make findings about the zeal of this educationally disadvantaged children towards education. It was discovered that about 67% of these children will appreciate an opportunity to acquire education.

Quality Education is the Key to all.

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Work done so far

The case of Aminu Abdullahi is an amazing one, he is a an eleven year old boy who had never been to four walls of school but could do simple addition, subtraction and multiplication. Our team member after noticing this in the young boy invited him for  an interview during which he discovered the boy couldn't speak English, he was amzed , then he had to ask him how did he learnt some simple arithmetic . the young boy replied that he usually goes to the market to help people carry the commodities purchased and u usually listen to the traders while calculating the total price, from all these he learnt some simple arithmetic . when he was asked , will you like to go to school? His reply was yes, then he was asked why he said he will love to teach more kids like him who did not have the opportunity and he will also make money like people who are educated.

Our team members enrolled him in  Dangoma government primary school where he started basic one.

Our team

SN Name Profession
1 Durojaiye Sofiu Shola Educational Technology
2 Abdulraheem Lateef Taiwo Statistics
3 Salaudeen Lukman Adewale Chemistry
4 Suleiman Jubril Aiyegbeni Educational Technology
5 Apata Isaq Abiola Agricultural Engineering
6 Jimoh Abiola Morufat Agricultural Science
7 Cook Ahmed Tunde History
8 Lawal Mashood Olalekan Accountancy
9 Durojaiye Sidiq Arisekola Performing Art